Sometimes I’ll take my guitar down by Surfers Point and meditate and pray and connect with my thoughts down there. Now, this is where surfers congregate, shockingly, and there are a lot of guitarists among them.

As I mentioned, I don’t play fast, and this can be hard on some of the younger guitarists I run into to endure, even as they walk by.

One young fellow with a wide smile actually asked ‘Do you ever play anything hard?’ Then he laughed. I said that I was only trying to make a pleasant sound for people as they walked by, but what I really meant was that I was trying to match the noise coming from my guitar to the vibe in front of me.

I thought some more about it–I don’t think I should be playing anything hard if I have my amp turned up so folks can hear. That’s not the time for practicing something that is hard for me, that’s the time for delivering what I know I can play.

And there is no need to make something easy look difficult.

If a kid comes by and watches me play, I don’t want that kid to think ‘Oh my gosh, look at that insanity, I could never do that’. I’d rather they think ‘look how easy that is, I could do it in my sleep.’

I’d love for folks to want to learn to play the guitar after watching me play. And guitar is the best instrument for women to learn because it gets them singing quickly, and you always want women singing. We need more girls picking up the guitar.

A few chords is all it takes and that poetry collecting dust in your closet becomes original music, songs to mark your life and your amazing future life.