This Project
is a part of a larger initiative designed to address the needs of the most diminished members of our society. We are dedicated to bringing about lasting change in the way that we understand and treat the un-housed and the mentally ill.

We Believe
We believe that, through the use of modern aptitude-determining tools and generous applications of love and compassion, the un-homed will find the crossroads where their God-given talents intersect with their aptitudes and desires.

We’ll then assist in working with and/or developing viable internet businesses based on the things they do best, restoring confidence and financial solvency in one fluid motion.

This website will become a repository for some of the recovery stories we tell.

There will be lively discussions on how best to go about housing everyone in the USA, and on how quickly we can get it done. hint: it’s the private sector

This project is by ThinkDreamCreate, is home to the Homeless Chronicles, and is in partnership with the TheUnhoused and the TDC Mobile Resource Vans.